Minimal Expense, Exceptional Results – DON’T Overanalyze It!

What is Glass Onion? Our name is an homage to The Beatles’ 1968 hit song of the same name. John Lennon explained that the title was a reference to our collective habit of overanalyzing “something that is not intended to mean anything more than what it is.”.

Our company, Glass Onion Group Incorporated, is a staging and design company that helps clients make their homes more desireable to potential home buyers without the hassle and hefty costs usually associated with home renovations. We perform simple low-cost home improvements, along with exceptional staging and marketing to maximize the sale prices of our clients’ homes.

Just like in the song Glass Onion, most people spend countless hours and dollars “overanalyzing” situations in an attempt to find solutions to get homes ready to flip, sell or just live-in.

We help our clients to get the maximum selling price by using our in-house resources , partners and years of experience, at a fraction of the cost of traditional design and build companies. We see the big picture and we can be thrifty while still achieving jaw dropping results.

Anyone can design and stage, but it takes a special kind of talent to provide a solution with a minimal investment, on a short time frame,  to provide a substantial return on investment.

In addition, Glass Onion Group Incorporated, is happy to launch our newest division to help our clients with the next step. Glass Onion Group is NOW offering free “Design-To-Stay” Consultations and Decorating services and advice, as part of buying a home with Sarah Cott

The Group

Founder & Owner Operator

Founder & Owner Operator

Real Estate Commission is a Huge Expense; Get Your Money’s Worth!

Moving is expensive. Between municipal and provincial land transfer taxes, renovation, home inspection, staging costs and real estate commissions, it can cost upwards of $50,000 just to move!

DIY real estate sites like PropertyGuys and ComFree can help reduce real estate sales fees but they can also leave buyers vulnerable to risk, and they make selling a home a significantly greater time commitment. On top of this, since a prospective buyer’s ‘buying agent’ isn’t compensated, agents are often reluctant to show these properties, meaning the available buyers pool is smaller, and the time it takes to sell a home can be longer.

If you want the convenience, peace of mind, and service of a Realtor(TM), you should demand more than just a few showings and open houses in exchange for your real estate agent’s very significant sales commission. That’s how Glass Onion Group is different.

We offer “Design-to-Sell staging”, “Design-to Stay” Interior Decorating/Design Consultations, and Real Estate Sales Services. Our design and staging services, are bundled into a total package service, creating a much better value for the client. 

Glass Onion Group offers one-stop shopping for home sellers and buyers. At Glass Onion Group, we offer inclusive Realty services for our “Design-to-Sell” Staging or “Design-to-Stay” Interior Decorating.