The Bet

The Bet” was the home of a young married couple ready to expand their family and move closer their parents for help and support. The couple had already bought a home with another realtor, but was unsuccessful selling their home twice, with absolutely no reasonable offers. Each time the house was up for sale, it would sit for approx. 60 days before being terminated, in a very healthy market.

During our consultation, the team at Glass Onion Group Inc. identified a list of home improvements in order to sell in a NOT so HOT declining real estate market and sell/close quickly. Part of the agreement was that Sarah could not and would not sell this home looking the exact same as the first two attempts. Therefore, it was recommended that they clients invest minimally (approx. $2500) and completely transform the kitchen to make the main living space look completely different.

The design-to-sell overhaul included: Kitchen quartz counters, newly painted kitchen cabinets, new backsplash and new hardware.

The Bet” was listed in fall when the market was on a downturn and after three weeks, the condo sold well over the only offer received by another agent in May (while the market was still strong). We sold the house at the asking price the first time around and an astonishing $40,000.00 over their first and only offer in May. Needless to say, WE WON “THE BET” to sell at the first asking price and had a FANTASTIC celebration dinner!

All staging was done in-house to keep costs to a minimum; an inclusive price for a bundled package offered by Glass Onion Group. Work for the kitchen was done/paid by the clients contact.

“Sarah saved us and we absolutely love her for all her hard work. I still can not believe that we sold for as high as we did by following her instructions to make a minimal investment. I love that her staging is free with her commissions and have already referred her to others! Good luck to Sarah and we are excited to work with you again in the future!” – Kerryann, Toronto

“Sarah is amazing! I’m so happy with her results and feel extremely relieved!” – Steven, Toronto