Sixth in the Six

Sixth In The Six was a huge project, from start to finish. This house was originally purchased to live in and love, but after starting the renovation, the homeowner found a previously unrealized passion for renovation and design, and sold what would be the first of many flips to come.

Sixth In The Six was complete “Design-to-Sell” project including: pre-renovation consultation, design of all fixtures/materials (i.e. tiles/hardwood, cabinetry, hardware, lighting, etc.), staging and both purchasing/listing services.

Overhaul included: Phase #1 – Design / Phase #2 – Staging

During the consultation, Glass Onion Group determined a budget for all interior and exterior designs. Following the renovations, Sarah and her team staged this home to sell.

Listed in the middle of the fall, Sixth in the Six sold in 10 days for a substantial return, with a short 6-week close.

All services related to design consultations and staging, were done in-house to keep costs low. The owner took responsibility of managing trades since this was an advanced renovation, and not just an aesthetic overhaul.