My Boy Blue

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My Boy Blue, was literally Sarah’s baby…well, before the real thing came along.

This home was always a purchased to “Flip” and “Staged to Sell” project.

My little boy blue is a “comfortable” home located in West Toronto. This two bedroom, one washroom bungalow with extremely low basement ceilings and a smaller lot would have commonly been overlooked by a large group of prospective buyers. In this particular area, smaller homes would be sold for well under our asking, generally with land surveys for prospective builders.

Overhaul Included: New kitchen, new bathroom, expanding living spaces, built-in closets/benches/storage, electrical, refinished basement and all new landscaping.

My Boy Blue was listed in the fall. Following yet another bidding war, this home sold for $33,000 over asking (already priced over market value) or 105% of asking, in just 7 days. This was the highest sale price for a two bedroom/one washroom bungalow, that had been documented in the neighbourhood to date.

As the Founder & Owner of Glass Onion Group Inc. and a Realtor, I understand the importance of staging a home. Like all my clients, the same principles applied with my personal home and to sell above market value, it still had to be “Staged to Sell”. Let’s be real, Sarah had a dog and a baby. This was a 1100 sq ft home that needed to show it was spacious and inviting. Minimizing clutter, reconfiguring rooms and adding design elements all made a huge difference in the sale price!

After all renovations and home staging, this home coughed-out a cash income of $47,500 per year or $190,000 after 4 years, accounting for all renovation costs/fees included in the total. This house was certainly “flipped” on an extremely low and resourceful budget, all completed in-house. After all, that’s what we are known for – “Staging on a Budget”

All interior designs were developed and managed by Sarah. Exterior designs were developed and managed by John. Construction was subcontracted to our expert team and managed by Glass Onion Group Inc.

Watching it come together from across the road, I just couldn’t see it. It happened so quickly. I remember walking outside one day and it was done! It looked so incredible and it was amazing to have seen the transformation from start to finish. John is an extremely talented man. I could have never done something like that to the exterior of my home and he made it look so easy. Following the transformation, the house was put up for sale and 7 days later it sold. I’m not surprised at all and I thank them for increasing the value and standard on our street.” – Janny

“They worked so fast. I had suspected it was going to be flipped and they proved me right. Congrats to them on a huge success!” – Lorraine

“Sarah was non-stop from the day we met. I have seen many of her homes firsthand – Sarah and her team are extremely talented. Anyone can design, but it takes talent to stage and flip on tight budgets like they do.” – Marisa