Escaping Liberty

“Escaping Liberty” is a love story about a young couple leaving their too-cozy-for-kids city home for a new life in the kid-friendly burbs. This home started life as a bachelor pad, when the single owner moved in eight years ago. It was painted in a trendy colour palette, and decorated with comfortable oversized pieces. As all good designers know, comfort never sells! Buyers want chic, elegance, and great design, and that’s what we do at Glass Onion Group Inc!

At our initial consultation, the Glass Onion Group team immediately recognized the scope of work to freshen up the space, understood the budget required to complete the work, and envisioned the right colour scheme and theme we’d need to attract the right prospective buyers in trendy Queen West.

Following our consultation, the owners agreed to the plans and removed all of their belongings (with the exception of their mattress) so that Glass Onion Group Inc. could get to work with our designed-to-sell staging and renovation. The refresh, repair and staging process took approximately one week. Immediately upon completion, this home hit the market with a frenzied bidding war.

The design-to-sell overhaul included top-to-bottom painting, minor repairs (including plaster/under paint wallpaper removal), new lighting and complete in-home staging.

“Escaping Liberty” was listed in the middle of August, and after an overwhelming number of showings and interest, sold for $42,000 over asking or 108% of asking in just 7 days with a short (3 week) close.

All staging and repairs were done in-house to keep costs to a minimum; an inclusive price for a bundled package offered by Glass Onion Group.

Here are some of the comments we received after we completed our work:

“This house is absolutely stunning. I love the theme, colours and flow.” – Vanessa & Mat

“Sarah, John and her team are extremely talented. I felt like a lost puppy trying to search for the best real estate solution when Sarah came to me by a referral source. From day one, she has been nothing short of helpful, understanding and calming. She knows how to manage expectations and kept me at ease (even though I was kicked out on the final day for staging). Sarah and her team worked around the clock and exceeded my expectations. Not to mention, I sold for higher than anticipated and expected. I would definitely recommend her services!”